Since 2001, Pilates Powerhouse and Rehab Center has been St. Petersburg’s Top Pilates studio!

We offer Pilates (on mat and on equipment), Reiki, and Rehabilitative Pilates. We specialize in STOTT® Pilates and our trainers are certified at many advanced levels. Our schedule provides for group classes, private sessions, duo sessions, and condition-specific training. We are a fully equipped studio, with 7 Reformers and plenty of positive energy to help you reach your fitness and agility goals!

Fast forward to 2015 and we’ve grown, won more awards, gotten a facelift, and changed our name!

We’ve seen such amazing results in the “Rehab” area of Pilates that we’ve modified our name to reflect what we do best. We are now Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center! We’ve recently re-designed our beautiful studio space to focus on what sets us apart.

New to Pilates but suffering an injury? We encourage you to call us so we can help you get back to your daily activities with strength and agility; all without further pain or injury. We also offer all levels of Athletic Conditioning. Want a better golf swing?

We’ve had tremendous success working with:
  • Pro-Athletes
  • Stroke Survivors
  • Hip Replacements
  • Knee Replacements (single & double)
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Brain Trauma (assisting in mind/body connections)
  • Tracheostomy-reliant clients
  • Respiratory Impairments
  • Back Injuries
  • Overall Gait
  • and the list goes on…
You can read testimonials and reviews Right Here on our site

Chris Cantrell

Owner, STOTT Certified Instructor - Rehab Specialist

Chris originally began training with the Balanced Body Method, but quickly became interested 14 years ago in STOTT(r) because of the depth and anatomical 'correctness'... which she believes is the 'healthiest' method. She is completely Certified and has worked directly with Physical Therapists. Because of her extensive training, experience, and hands on training, she is one of the Best Rehab Specialists! She has extensive knowledge in working with clients with Injuries and gets quick results because of it- She has worked with hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder injuries, etc.... and also has training specifically for golf and tennis. She also has experience training with professional athletes. She truly enjoys bringing people back to health, but also loves the fitness side of it; she has created numerous classes designed to kick your workout up a notch....Her 'Athletic Conditioning' class will get you moving!!! Bringing people health, wellness and knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle is her passion!!!

Camille Raciopio

Former Owner, Rehab Specialist/ Certified Pilates & Hatha Yoga Instructor, STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Reiki Master

Camille is a constant student. With over 14 years of training, she is continually honing her expertise and abilities. Not only was she voted for several years "Best Pilates Instructor in St. Pete", but her Rehab and Post-Rehab Pilates and Yoga work is amazing. She has been thoroughly and extensively trained to work in conjunction with doctors and physical therapists to help you back to your daily functions! Her intuitiveness assists her to get your body in balance...and know exactly what you need when you walk in the door! A former Dance student of Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Pilates and Yoga suits her well! She is a very caring instructor, and has completed every STOTT PILATES training available. She knows the body like no one else. Her nickname since 1999 is the - "Queen of Modifications!" Camille is Certified in all levels of Pilates, Yoga, and is also a Reiki Master, and is praised for her Rehab results and a high success rate with stroke survivors!

Michelle G.

Kinesiologist/ Exercise Physiologist

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in exercise, nutrition, and wellness from the California State University, East Bay. Michelle also attended the American College of Sports Medicine earning her certification as an Exercise Physiologist. Michelle’s expert skills and unique background enhance the experience and quality of life of individuals she helps heal through the body, mind, and spirit. Michelle has played high level competitive sports from soccer, softball, golf, tennis, and much more. She has also helped many athletes who range from youth athletes to professionals. Michelle studies the movement of humans and non-humans to understand habitual patterns that make up a person as a whole, then implements a regime to re-educate harmful negative patterns and suggest helpful modifications to pave new healthy paths in movement, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Michelle specializes in health and wellness programs with the following specialties: weight loss, stress management, corrective exercise, sport specific exercise, injury/surgery rehabilitation, ergonomic/workplace health, heart disease, pulmonary disease, arthritis, cancer, mental health disorders, nervous system disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes/metabolic disease, and more. She continues her education through the Stott Pilates Instructor training regime and is pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Michelle loves helping others, is passionate, empathetic, and enthusiastic in her coaching style. Contact her today to help ease the suffering you may be experiencing.


Stott Pilates Instructor

Angela has a real passion for Pilates; she is constantly furthering her education with Continuing Education Courses in order to become the best Instructor she can be! She is Certified to work on ALL of the Stott Pilates Equipment! She has been a Pilates Student for years, and her passion for it led to her becoming an Instructor. She has lived in the Downtown St Pete area for over 15 years, and loves all that the area has to offer. When she's not teaching, Angela enjoys traveling the world, photography, music and the arts!


Stott Pilates Instructor/ Certified Pelvic Floor Specialist

Susan fell in love with Pilates when she chose Pilates over Physical Therapy to rehab her shoulder after surgery, and has been teaching Pilates now for the past 20 years! She has developed a "Pilates Vision"; she is able to read her clients' bodies, and create routines that deepen the 'mind-body' connection. Her clients have called her "The Body Architect"! In addition to being Stott Certified, she is the former owner of 'Gala Pilates' Studio in Hoboken, NJ. Susan is also a trained licensed Massage Therapist, and is Certified in Pelvic Floor Techniques, Pelvic Pain, Post-Partum Pelvic Care and pilates, and the Female Pelvis & Cycles. She has extensive training in Myo-Fascial Release for pain free living, injury prevention, and Rehab. Susan believes that Pilates is "movement that heals and sustains vitality for timeless living".....

Clare Allard

Stott Pilates Instructor

Clare's professional background is in physiotherapy in which she has over 10 years experience working in both a hospital setting and in a Private practice with a Clinical Pilates studio. She has experience working with sports, orthopedic and neurology clients but her passion lies in rehab and Women's Health. She trained as a clinical Pilates Instructor through the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and DMA Clinical Pilates and has over 8 years experience. Since moving to St Pete in 2010 from her native Australia, she has started a family and continued her passion of teaching Pilates and helping clients achieve their rehab and health goals using a holistic approach.