Offering Online Virtual Classes

PP&RC hopes that you are all staying well and are all in our thoughts and prayers. We launched our Online Virtual Classes last week, and they are a smash!! We are offering group classes; go to our website and click on 'sign up for a class here' to see our complete list of classes! Group classes are just $8/class and you are supporting our local business! Billing takes place on Sunday of each week; you will receive an email with directions as to how to join the class, once you are signed up.

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Interested in Private sessions? We can utilize any and all home equipment that you have.... custom designed for you! Cost is $1/minute - this is so fun! We WILL stay strong through this time of crisis - both literally and figuratively!! Love to everyone - stay well~ contact the Studio with any questions....hope to see you all soon!
Saint Petersburg <b>Pilates </b>


Pilates is a system of functional movement and is very adaptable to meet the needs of each individual, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates is also used to rehabilitate injuries and is quickly gaining popularity in the medical field as physical therapists and medical professionals find it an excellent tool for re-educating muscle imbalances, re-training dysfunctional movement patterns and correcting biomechanical problems.

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Saint Petersburg <b>Rehab </b>


It has been proven that.a perfect compliment to your Rehab for any injury is Pilates! At Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center, we work daily with clients who are recovering from injury. The combination of our equipment are excellent tools to re-educate muscle imbalances, re-train dysfunctional movement patterns and correct bio-mechanical problems. Working with your doctors and physical therapist, Rehab Pilates Therapy gives you the best opportunity for functional recovery! All of our instructors are specifically educated and trained in Rehab and Post-Rehab with phenomenal results. We have extensive knowledge and hands on experience in Rehab and are Rehab Specialists…Reiki Healing to assist in your recovery.

Full Session Rehab | 55 Minutes
Single Session $82
5 Sessions $395
10 Sessions $780

45 Minute Rehab Session
Single Session $72
5 Sessions $350
10 Sessions $690

Half Session Rehab (25 Minutes)
Single Session $62
5 Sessions $295
10 Sessions $580

Saint Petersburg <b>Reiki </b>


The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means, “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy.” So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Camille is our Reiki Healer with additional Reiki background and knowledge in her extensive work in Pilates,

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Class Price Menu

New Client Intro Special!
3 Sessions $165 (does not include rehab)

Reformer/Tower Classes | 55 min
1 = $35
4 = $132
8 = $256
12 = $378

(4) 2/2 Combo $159
(8) 4/4 Combo $309
(12) 6/6 Combo $439

Mat/Mommy Classes
1 = $18
4 = $68
8 = $120
12 = $170
20 = $270

UNLIMITED Mat or Reformer Classes for 1 month $349 due the first of the month (no roll-overs)

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Private Sessions Price Menu

New Client Intro 3 Sessions $165 (does not include Rehab)

Full Session Private | 55 min
1 = $72
5 = $325
10 = $630

3/4 Session Private | 45 min
1 = $62
5 = $295
10 = $570

Half Session | Private
1 = $49
5 = $225
10 = $420

DUO/TRIO | 55 min
Intro Special: 3 sessions for $120 (excludes Rehab)
1 = $49
5 = $225
10 = $420

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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

See Mat/Mommy packages for pricing

This small class setting will allow for individualized exercises or modifications depending on your stage of pregnancy/level of fitness post postpartum and taking into account any injuries or pregnancy/post postpartum conditions. You will learn how to correctly activate and strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core muscles and strengthen these muscles over the 6 weeks. Focus will also be on improving overall body strength, improving posture and stretching of tight muscles. This class is taught by a Clare Allard who is a qualified Pilates instructor with a physiotherapy background specializing in women's health.

Assists your body to adapt to the changes of posture that occur throughout your pregnancy. Relieves back and pelvic pain Reduces the likelihood of “abdominal separation” (Rectus Abdominus Diastasis) Reduces the likelihood of incontinence problems during and after pregnancy Assists in a faster return to your normal body shape, muscle tone and strength after birth.

Restores your pre pregnancy shape and posture Restores good breathing patterns Regains control of the pelvic floor and core muscles Prevents or management incontinence issues Assists in the treatment of “abdominal separation” (Rectus Abdominus Diastasis) Begins to increase overall strength to adapt to the physical demands of motherhood. Prepares your body for aerobic and high impact exercise.