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Pilates Powerhouse Rehab Center

Superior Standard Of Customer Care & Pilates Instruction

PP&RC hopes that you are always staying well and healthy… you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We always have and will continue to take every precaution to ensure your wellness and safety. Our sanitary standards are exceptional, and we are following the CDC guidelines to do everything possible to safeguard everyone who enters the Studio.

Please send a detailed email to the studio with any injuries/issues/needs, any Pilates experience, and a little bit about yourself, so we can get you started!

New Series Of Group Classes! Perfect For Everyone

BODYBURN! With Hope! High energy, fast-paced, and many reps, this class lives up to its name!!!! Challenging muscle groups to fatigue and multi-faceted movements, you will 'FEEL THE BURN'!* *This class is an Intermediate/Advanced Level class; not appropriate for injuries/issues. Clients must be comfortable managing their reformer, balancing work, and keeping up with high intensity.

"BODY MECHANICS" on the Reformer--see a complete list of classes on our Schedule page
This Rehab-Style Class is wonderful for EVERYONE!!! From Clients who are new to Pilates, Clients who are working with an injury or issue, to Clients who are more advanced but want a "refresher."

With a gentle, slower pace and attention to detail, we will focus on form, function, and the "why" of the movement. We offer many modifications and props to tailor the workout for each individual; you may be in a group, but it is YOUR workout!

* Must complete at least five private sessions before joining.

Class Price Menu

(All packages expire one year from DOP)

New Client Intro Special!
1st Private Pilates Session $49! & Receive 10% off your 1st Package!

Full Session Private | $87
5 Sessions $410
10 Sessions $780

45-Minute Single | $77
5 Sessions $370
10 Sessions $695

Half Session Single/Duo/Trio $56
5 Sessions $270
10 Sessions $510

For More Information

Reformer Classes | 55 min
1 = $42
4 = $160
8 = $305
12 = $440
View Schedule

Group Mat Classes
Single | $20
4 Pack | $75
8 Pack | $140
12 Pack | $180

Pilates Powerhouse Rehab Center


Pilates is a system of functional movement and is very adaptable to meet the needs of each individual, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates is also used to rehabilitate injuries and is quickly gaining popularity in the medical field as physical therapists and medical professionals find it an excellent tool for re-educating muscle imbalances, re-training dysfunctional movement patterns, and correcting biomechanical problems.

Pilates Powerhouse Rehab Center


Pilates has been proven to be a perfect complement to your Rehab for any injury! At Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center, we work daily with clients who are recovering from injury. The combination of our equipment is an excellent tool to re-educate muscle imbalances, re-train dysfunctional movement patterns, and correct biomechanical problems. Working with your doctors and physical therapist, Rehab Pilates Therapy gives you the best opportunity for functional recovery! Our instructors are specifically educated and trained in Rehab and Post-Rehab with phenomenal results. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Rehab and are Rehab Specialists.

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